“The Waiting Room” By: Michael Bryan

EXT. Morning time. Anthony, Ron, and Misty sit in a small doctor’s office waiting area for each of their doctor’s appointments.   Anthony: “What time was your two’s appointment?” Misty: “8:10.” Ron: “8:10.”   Anthony looks up at the large clock hanging on the wall. Anthony: “Me too. Heck, it’s almost nine o’clock. I wonder … Continue reading “The Waiting Room” By: Michael Bryan

“The Hive of Imagination” Ficition(short Story)

The Hive of Imagination By:Michael Bryan There is a huge- gigantic sized, black, honeycomb shaped beehive in my Mom’s backyard, hanging on a tree, right next to the shed. Inside this honeycomb is where the world’s deadliest bees live. What makes these bees the World’s deadliest, their stinger contains a deadly venom that once punctures … Continue reading “The Hive of Imagination” Ficition(short Story)