The true keys to success

The keys to a successful life” By:Michael Bryanmotivational_quotes_3
“There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.” I heard this saying when I was a child growing up in Downtown Indianapolis (IN). I’m unsure who to give credit to for the saying- none the less it has stuck with me through these 27 years. I mention this quote because it shows that success is possible no matter what tribulation may come your way- you can still be successful. The stairs reference of the quote I like especially because it implies that success is possible- but it is to be earned and not given. First off, since I fit into the “young adult” category (18-30), I would like to share what success means to me personally. Success to me is simple: achieving your goals and pursuing your dreams. What I mean by that is if as young adults in society we set realistic goals for ourselves, set out to accomplish those goals, embrace our failures and turn them into triumphs, anything is possible. My meaning may not be the same as other “young adults” in my age category and that’s fine because everybody in the world thinks differently. As young adults we think, act, and handle so many different “curve balls” life throws at us, so many different ways. Life is like a book; it has a beginning, middle, and an end. Its full of emotions, ups and downs, twists and turns, but I’m sure most people would agree with me when I say we all hope for one thing when we’re taking that big test, going to that big job interview, becoming a parent, or hoping to make that big sale- and that’s we all want to be successful. We don’t want anything to go wrong. I have came across many different perspectives and ideas throughout my research that has made me come to this realization and belief on success and that’s: If life is lived with passion and motivation, it will lead you to a successful life.
“Passion gives a resiliency that is necessary to achieve great things.” This is a quote from the article “Think like a Champion: In Addition to Business” by Donald Trump. I mention this quote because to me it explains how if a person loves what they are doing than they possess the essential key that can skyrocket them to becoming successful in anything that they choose to pursue in their life. That essential key being: passion. My personal belief, every person has some sort of passion for something in their life; whether it’s a sport, hobby, person, job, or a dream that were trying to pursue- something. You see, passion is equivalent to love through my eyes and love is something I know is something my age group can relate too. It means you have emotion towards something that is going to have some sort of impact on you, even when it doesn’t go in your favor.
At the age of 20, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life and joined the United States Army. I am currently serving my last year of 8 years of required service I agreed too. During my military career I’ve come across many different kinds of individuals; differentiating from race, ethnic background, gender, age, and morals. But, there was one trait we all had in common, the passion and love to protect the United States of America at all cost, some of us at the expense of our own life. Before soldiers go out on a mission, they have briefing’s that consist of the mission plans, route recons, frequency channels- the list goes on. Why do soldiers do this before mission? So they are as well prepared as possible so that they can successfully complete the mission that follows. I give this personal example because success itself is defined as achieving a goal, and that’s what a mission is all about. Whatever someone chooses to do with their life they should want to strive to be successful in what it is that they are doing- love what they are doing, and that passion will lead them to successful life.
During my lifetime I have experienced many different types of failures that have ranged from relationships, exams, fitness tests- the list goes on. Failure is a part of life. In the podcast “41: Jon Taffer: The Concept of Success” by Andrew Ferebee, Jon Taffer mentions that “If you don’t learn to accept failure, you’ll never learn from it and you can’t be successful.” Now if you have never seen the show “Bar Rescue” the host (Taffer) is a hard-nosed, fast paced, strong-minded, and sometimes has a vulgar attitude towards failing bar owners he is attempting to save from their failing business. Why does he have that attitude? To instill Motivation in someone, to help them see what they did wrong and provide the solutions to do it right. If as individuals we learn to embrace our failures, it will ultimately lead us to being successful in anything we strive for in life. Motivation. This is a word that as Americans we have all heard at some point in our lifetime; it is a strong word, an action word. I think we all need to have motivation to be successful in anything that we do. Motivation is about body language, it’s what helps develop a person’s self-confidence, helps someone be confident in their abilities that they will be successful in whatever problem or solution that may come their way. Think about it like this, if a co-worker comes to work late every day, has a negative attitude, and terrible work ethic their more than likely not going to be the person considered for a promotion. The motivated co-worker, the one who comes to work on time, has a positive attitude, and good work ethic is going to get the job over the lackadaisical co-worker. We need motivation in life because it is what someone needs in order to be successful in one’s goals and dreams. Motivation is contagious, it stands out and may cause people to be intimidated or feel uneasy at first, but on the contrary, have you ever seen a successful person intimidated by motivation? Me either.
Motivation is a part of all of us. Whether we realize it or not when were successful at something, when were rewarded for something, were motivated by the success we experience. During my research I came across an article on Harvard Business Review entitled “Success gets into your head- and changes it” by Scott Berinato where he discusses a study done by Earl Miller and his research team at MIT’s Picower Institute for Learning and Memory where they underwent a study on monkey’s and how their brains function when there either successful or non-successful at a simple learning task. If the monkeys were successful at the learning task they received an award for doing the task correctly- as opposed to the monkeys who failed at the task who received nothing. As the studies showed, the monkeys who failed at the learning task brain activity showed “little” change in their brain activity which concludes that failure doesn’t impact the brain or mind-state. The studies showed that the monkeys who were successful at the tasks, rewarded for the tasks- brain activity stored what the monkey had done right and when re-tested, showed that the monkeys were motivated by the reward to do the task even better the next time. You see, whether were talking about humans or monkeys everybody in life has the capability to be motivated, have the capability to be passionate for something, to be successful in life.
Now what is my definition of a successful life? Some would say wealth, say power, the ideas are endless. My idea is this: when a person creates stepping stones, follows their life’s path to the best of their abilities, and when there lying on their death bed can say they have lived their life, experienced the joys of the world, and can die knowing they have lived a life of no regrets, just success. Every person that walks this earth wants something out of life- whether it’s materialistic or simple, they want at the very least one thing out of this world. But how do we achieve something? What does it mean to achieve? To achieve means to be successful. It starts from the inside- it starts with your passion. Your passion will steer you into the directions of achieving your goals and the ultimate prize: your dreams. Your passion for something will shine off a person and once that shine starts to glow is when motivation will take hold and you will liftoff into a life full of happiness and successes.
When I started this assignment, my teacher had the class join in a “Q&A” session on our topic and thesis statement. The “Q&A” session consisted of everybody at their desks in a round circle type atmosphere where each person was given the spotlight for 7 minutes for people to ask questions. One comment I took away from it came from a young man in my class where he questioned my thesis statement and circled in on the word motivation that I was using. His comment went along the lines “What if I’m motivated to do nothing with my life? What if doing nothing is what I’m motivated to do?” I, myself have never heard motivation spoke of in such a way. So I decided to do some research on passion and motivation to see if others might think the same way as my classmate did. During my research I came across a blog entitled “The Myth of Passion and Motivation” by James Clear where as the title implies- he believes that passion and motivation is mythical. Clear states in the article that “many people get depressed when they lose focus or motivation because they think successful people have some unstoppable passion and will-power that they seem to be missing.” He goes on to talk about how passion and motivation are all just an essence of the mind and that the real key to success is “whether a person is able to focus on the process and handle the boredom of repetition that comes with life.”
If a person is motivated to live a life with no motivation- doesn’t that mean that person is still focusing their minds on being successful at being non motivated. As hypocritical of an answer I may think my classmates opinion may of sounded, I honestly feel like if a person doesn’t have goals, if a person doesn’t have dreams, or the state of mind to want to be successful in life then what is their purpose? What do they live for? I know for myself, the perception of someone who isn’t motivated, doesn’t have passion for anything life, is the bums sitting on the park benches, street corners, and under the bridges of Downtown Indianapolis holding buckets with signs asking for money. James Clear talked about “focusing on the process” and I can agree with that to an extent because it does take focus, you do need to follow the path that is ahead of you. But to say passion and motivation is a “myth” to a say it’s a state of mind is just nonsense. First off what is a myth? Bigfoot? Loch Ness Monster? That’s what I consider myths. I don’t understand how passion is mythical? Passion is emotion. Passion brings energy throughout your entire body- not just your mind. With that energy comes the motivation and that’s the part nobody ever understands; the part people can misinterpret. Passion and motivation are the most essential keys to have in a person. I ask Mr. Clear one question- has he ever seen one successful person not be passionate about what it is that they do? Not have that energetic motivated energy that shines off of them? I know I haven’t.
I remember a quote I read during one of my English courses I took while attending Ben Davis High School that came from the great German Philosopher Albert Schweitzer that read “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” So find something in life that you are passionate about. Find something in life that motivates you to want more- to want success. Think realistically with your goals- if you are talented enough to be motivated to develop skills with your talent, fearless enough to overcome adversity when it stares you in the face and tries to steer you in the wrong direction- nothing can stop you from being successful in life. Be passionate, be motivated, and success in life you will achieve.


Short Story Monologue i did for school..

“KODIAK” By:Michael Bryan

I can hear the footsteps walking up the driveway towards my brown log cabin, coming towards my front door. I can see a young-gentleman, short-cut black hair and clean shaven face in black business attire, holding a brown leather briefcase that has a voice recorder, camera, and a notepad of questions inside of it. His name is Allen Busseni and he’s wanting to know my story. He’s been trying to find himself as a writer for a while now and today I will release information to him that will lift his career off to extreme heights. I have sworn to never speak of what happened 54 years ago to this day, but with my death on the horizon from my many years of smoking, it’s time for me to finally tell the world the truth about what happened to my family and myself, January 22, 1950.
[knocking at door]
“Come in, Allan!” I yelled out loud.
The door opened and Allan popped his head in nervously.
“Hello, Mr. Olliver?” he echoed hesitatingly.
I stayed seated in my brand new red sofa chair I bought myself last winter and waited for Allan to grow some balls and walk in the house.
“You gonna come in youngster? Da house doesn’t stay warm when you leave the door open dumbass!”
“Sorry sir, of course. My”
I cut him off before he had a chance to introduce himself and tell me why he was here.
“Take a seat Allen. Grab your voice recorder, camera, and notepad. Questions won’t be necessary. All you have to do is write, easy enough?” I said to him.
I could see and feel he was completely distraught. He had no idea how I had known these things about him. But I now have his attention and know his abilities will get Picture1my story told, it’s time to finally document and tell about the night My Parents and I were abducted by Aliens 54 years ago.
“Today is the 54th Anniversary, Allen”
His eyes almost bulged out of his head. The hairs on his neck went up. He was nervous.
“Calm down there Lad. It’s all going to make sense in a moment. 54 years ago to the day, I was 10 years old and lived in this same house were both sittin in presently. My father was a Navy Captain who commanded the H-C 130 Hercules Chopper and HH-60 Jay-Hawk Chopper from 1944 to 1950. I always remember him talking about the stars and how jubilant they were up in the sky. My father was great at his job, loved his family, and would help anybody who was in need. Thomas Olliver was his name and he was/is my hero. My mother, was an astronomy teacher and loved talking about the Universe. Being here in Alaska, you see a lot of different shooting stars, lights, flickers, balloons, planes, you name it. She was a firm believer in there being another species other than our own in the Universe because she always talked about when she was younger and seen a flying saucer. My parents were happily in-love and always showed each other it. I paused for a moment.
“Sir?” Allen said with a concerned look on his face.
“Hand me that pack of cancer on the table next to you if you could Allen”. I replied
I grabbed a match and lit my last cigarette.
“It was January 22nd, my dad came home from work, earlier than usual, and had a big surprise dinner planned for Mom and myself. He was taking us to Kodiak Steakhouse to celebrate their wedding anniversary and my birthday. Be sure to stop their before you head back home, best food you’ll ever have.”
I took a drag of my cigarette.
“Life is about experiences Allen.”
I took a second drag of my cigarette.
“After dinner, we headed back up the mountain towards home. My father drove a big black truck that was issued to him through the Navy. Even with a truck, heading up this mountain takes time and patience, which is why your one of the first young faces I’ve seen since high school. Anyway, my mother was singing “Mary had a little lamb” when I noticed my father slow down and point at a person standing in the middle of the road. He slammed on his brakes creating a loud screeching sound. I was instantly driven to fall to the floor by the sudden stop. Everything was erringly quiet. I sat up and was quickly blinded by a bright, florescent light. I covered my eyes with my left arm to block the light and turned my head around to look out the window behind me. I was instantly shocked to see the person my dad had slammed his brakes on to avoid hitting, standing directly behind the car, looking up towards the light. I screamed and heard two doors slam.”
I took a third drag of my cigarette.
“Bright light? Person? What happened to your parents?” Allen asked impatiently.
“The light got dimmer and I quickly noticed my parents had gotten out of the car and were standing outside looking directly up at the sky. Before I even realized it, I had no control over my mind and body. I found myself getting out of the car and directing my head and eyes instantly to the sky. I remember waking up and seeing small, big-headed beings running a device up and down my body that had blue laser beams that reflected off of it. It wasn’t long until I realized I was floating in the air, not being held down on anything. The last thing I remember is my vision becoming extremely bright and dizzy and hearing my father and mothers cries for help.
I woke up at 8:00 A.M, on January 24, to the local detective informing me that my parents had abandoned and separated. The detective said my parents had left a letter that stated they were divorcing and neither was able to care for me. The detective finished telling me the news by giving me both of my parent’s wedding rings, which was left on the kitchen counter along with the note.” I raised both my hands and showed Allan the brass rings on each each hand.
“How did the Police know to come to your house, Mr. Olliver? Allan asked.
“Apparently, my father called them” I began to chuckle.
Allan looked at me confusingly and asked:
“Your dad called the police?”
“Well hell no Allan! Now is the time you start piecing everything I’ve said together ever since you poked your head in my front door.” I continued.
“Think about it youngster! Why did you come here? Why did you come all the way from New York City to Kodiak, Alaska? Why do you think my name crossed your mind? You don’t think its coincidence do you?”
I took a fifth drag of my cigarette.
“I guess, I, I never really thought about that Mr. Olliver.” Allan responded.
“You’re going through a brutal divorce Allan. You’ve lost custody of your children because of your problems with alcohol and the only person you have to blame is the same person you hate looking in the mirror at every morning! Your biggest fear is failure, which is why you fail. Inside your jacket, is a picture of your family and you look at it every chance you get, praying for a chance to get your family back.”
“Calm down youngster. I’m going to help you. I’m going to change your life. I mean no harm, I’m just trying to help you understand. Now relax, sit back down and listen, I don’t have much time.” I said in a calm voice.
Allan crossed both his arms and sat back down in the chair and asked:
“What do you mean you don’t have much time?”
“We don’t have time for that! Just LISTEN!” I screamed out and continued.
“When the detective woke me I already knew I could hear what he was thinking, it felt instinctual. I could hear him talking in his head about his own personal life and how he doesn’t have time to deal with a “Coward Sea-men” and “Whore Nurse” not wanting to take care of their bastard kid.”
I took one last drag of my cigarette followed by an atrocious cough.
“Tele” I coughed out again.
“Telekinesis, Allan.” I continued.
“I’m telling you this because you possess the gift of writing. People will listen to you, you just haven’t realized it yet. Your writing will bring my story to life and answer all the questions about what has been happening all over the world! Illegal trafficking? The government’s true meaning for it is “alien abduction.” My parents were abducted by Aliens! I was abducted by Aliens! I was given back to help them gather information about our species! Aliens are real Allen! The world doesn’t want to believe it because the government doesn’t want the world to believe it. The end is near Allen.” I said feeling an intense pain in my chest.
I grabbed my pack of cigarettes and threw them towards Allan and collapsed onto the floor.
“Mr. Olliver!” Allan yelled as he turned me over on my back.
“I’m dying Allan. I’ve given you all the tools, create a masterpiece”. I said as I reached in my pocket and pulled out a white folded up piece of notebook paper.
“Read this.” I said as I gasped out for air.
Allan unfolded the note as his tears fell over my body and began reading.
“My name is Tyrus Olliver. I’m 74 years old from Kodiak, Alaska and I was abducted by Aliens. I leave all my assets to Allan Busseni of New York, New York. I just want the world to know I never used my powers for evil, never used it to my advantage and for that is the very reason my time has come to an end. God bless.”
PS: Allan go over to my brown table next to my big red chair. Under the table will be a black box with a small blue key taped under it. Open it, told you I was going to change your life.


“But Why” By: Michael Bryan
Judgement is cruel,
Judgement is weak.
Why do we judge people,
that could be hurting worse than we?

Pain, Dishonesty, Despair.
Words people feel.
But also,
words that can make people forget to care.

We live.
We die.
We burn each other on the inside,
but why?

Words people breathe,
words people take 6 feet deep.

What happened to love?
What happened to faith?
What happened to hope?

We live.
We die.
We burn each other on the inside,
but why?

Intoduction to the book im writing, “SAWYER”

Title: Sawyer

By: Michael Bryan

Introduction: “The Legend of Winston Braxton
Winston Braxton was the world’s most sadistic and notorious serial killer in United States history that was never pursued or questioned. Legend has it, over 130 victims, ranging over a 25 year span that consisted of abducting and torturing of wealthy businessmen, women, prostitutes, and sometimes even children. None of his victims were ever discovered, each one listed as “Missing: Without a Trace.” Winston Braxton was the founder/owner of Braxton-Mills Pharmaceutical where he traveled the country selling his different products. He was extremely intelligent and very knowledgeable in the stock market trade as well, which is where he made most of his riches. He built his own mansion on millions of acres of land completely off the radar and secluded his family from the rest of society. He was the husband of Marie-Lynn, who he had 3 children with: Andrew, Anthony, and Anne-Marie. Marie-Lynn was a stay at home mother who was completely clueless of her husband’s narcissistic behavior. Winston Braxton kept a shrine in the basement of his home that consisted of ID’s and pictures of all his victims that included the dates and locations where he committed the murders. The room in the basement this shrine was kept in, also consisted of 6 animal cages, different killing instruments, a hospital bed with straps to secure a person, and stacks of Winston Braxton’s riches. He called this room, “The Palace.”
As the legend goes, one day while Marie-Lynn was moving some things down to the basement she noticed that Winston had left his door to “The Palace” open. Knowing Winston would be outraged if he was to find her down there. With intentions of only closing the door, Marie-Lynn quickly takes a look into the room and instantly notices the collage of images of all Winston’s victims and instantly is overwhelmed in distraught.
Winston soon returns home to discover Marie-Lynn in Anthony’s bedroom packing his clothes. Marie-Lynn instantly confronts Winston about what she discovered in the basement and Winston quickly reacts in rage and knocks Marie-Lynn unconscious with his bare fist. Winston instantly gathers Andrew, Anthony, and Anne-Marie and commands them to follow him as Winston dragged their mother down to “The Palace.” The children were then forced to watch their father brutally dismember their mother limb by limb. Eventually, persuading Andrew to participate in the decapitation of his own mother. After Marie-Lynn’s death, Andrew was given the responsibility of watching over his siblings while his father was away on business trips. Soon after given this responsibility, Andrew became obsessed with Anne-Marie and began molesting her while Anthony was asleep in the next room. This went on for many years with Anthony never having any idea this was taking place around him. Eventually Anthony would go on his own path and pursue a degree at a prestigious University. Soon after graduating, Anthony returned home to surprise his father, sister, and brother with the new of him being a college graduate. As Anthony walked in the door, he shockingly finds his brother brutally raping his sister Anne-Marie. Outraged, Anthony instantly attacks Andrew with a combo of punches- instantly knocking Andrew into the stove. As this was unfolding, Winston returned home to find Andrew on the ground throbbing in pain. Anthony tells Winston what he walked in on Andrew doing to Anne-Marie and Winston sarcastically laughed and responded to Anthony with “She’s a whore just like your mother was, worry about your shit Anthony.”
Several weeks later, in complete shock, Anne-Marie discovers that she is pregnant with her brothers child and confides in her father for help. Anne-Marie tells Winston that she is pregnant and Winston instantly becomes enraged and violently attacks Anne-Marie. Hearing the commotion from upstairs, Anthony’s instincts kicked in and he instantly grabbed his pistol and rushed to his sister’s aide. Anthony is immediately confronted by Winston holding a knife to Anne-Marie’s throat yelling “Tell your Mom hi for me whore!” Anthony then raises his pistol and shoots Winston Braxton dead between the eyes. With Winston lying dead in a pool of his own blood, Andrew walks into the house and notices Anthony standing over his father with a pistol in his right hand looking down at Winston with a disturbing smile on his face. Andrew frantically yells at Anthony, “What’d you do!!!” Anthony looks up at Andrew and responds with “What I should of did 10 years ago” and pointed the pistol at Anthony and shoots him straight between the eyes. With their father lying dead by the dining room table and Andrew lying dead on the kitchen floor-Anthony directs Anne-Marie to take Winston’s keys and go down to “The Palace” where she will find stacks of Winston’s riches for her to take as much as she can, go as far away as possible, and never come back.
This was one of the scariest urban legends my mom used to tell me growing up in California. I’m 16 years old and just recently lost my father, brother, and mother to a tragic car accident. The only living relatives I know of is my mother’s brother, Tony and his family, who live in Denver, CO where I’m currently heading right now to go live and finish out my high school career. I’m really confused about why my family died and why I didn’t die with them. So many emotions running through my head. As I sit here on the plane, I look down at my itinerary where it reads:
“Destination- Denver, CO. On arrival proceed to baggage claim where a driver will be waiting for you upon your arrival.”
“SEATBELTS ON, descending for landing” came over the speaker.

A poem to start off..

“Forever” By: Michael Bryan

What we don’t got,
isn’t truly what were meant to have.
Forever isn’t enough.

The sound of glory.
The silence of peace.
The rhymes of eternity,
that burn inside of me.

Solitude can become your own worst enemy,
your own worst fear.
Being alone can be crushing,
can bring misery and defeat.
Ultimately, to see their own demise.

What we don’t got,
isn’t truly what we want.
Forever will never be enough.

I can hear the sound of glory,
feel the silence of peace.
The rhymes of eternity,
I have finally learned to breathe.

Rise above the bad,
Live for the good,
become the greatest person you can be,
Live one dream,