“The Waiting Room” By: Michael Bryan

EXT. Morning time. Anthony, Ron, and Misty sit in a small doctor’s office waiting area for each of their doctor’s appointments.   Anthony: “What time was your two’s appointment?” Misty: “8:10.” Ron: “8:10.”   Anthony looks up at the large clock hanging on the wall. Anthony: “Me too. Heck, it’s almost nine o’clock. I wonder … Continue reading “The Waiting Room” By: Michael Bryan

“The Ticket” By: Michael Bryan


[Disclaimer: Full Act I, some of Act II.] Introduction The Cooper home is a discrete, run-down condominium located somewhere in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia in the early 2000s. The condominium is a small, one-bedroom, with a small den, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom included. The Cooper home is normally dark, apart from the light … Continue reading “The Ticket” By: Michael Bryan

“The School Train” (Children’s fiction)

"The School Train" By: Michael Bryan Well, we’re out here planting these stupid trees in the red hot sun. Mr. Ed is inside watching us from the window. Him and all of our parents say planting trees is an important part of our education. He says it teaches the word responsibility. Whatever that means, I … Continue reading “The School Train” (Children’s fiction)

“The Hive of Imagination” Ficition(short Story)

The Hive of Imagination By:Michael Bryan There is a huge- gigantic sized, black, honeycomb shaped beehive in my Mom’s backyard, hanging on a tree, right next to the shed. Inside this honeycomb is where the world’s deadliest bees live. What makes these bees the World’s deadliest, their stinger contains a deadly venom that once punctures … Continue reading “The Hive of Imagination” Ficition(short Story)