My name is Michael Bryan and I’m aspiring author, screenwriter/filmmaker currently attending Butler University where I am pursuing a degree in Digital Media Productions. I hope to one day work for World Wrestling Entertainment; as well as, impact many lives along the way with my writings. I write screenplays, flash fiction, short stories, books, and poetry. Also, I would like to thank you personally for taking the time to read my work and please don’t forget to: like, subscribe, share, comment.

YouTube: The Dreamer’s Corner

Twitter: getlikeme1823

Snapchat: mbeezy123


6 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi. I just read your most recent blog before your about me page. I am an aspiring screenwriter, too. Thank you for following my blog. I hope you enjoy it. It will be a while before I start posting screenplays. For right now, I’m focusing on my fiction and creative nonfiction. Keep up the great work.


  1. Hi Michael! Thanks for the follow! I look forward to reading some of your screenplays and stories. I’m an actor with a couple screenplays floating around in my head as well. Maybe some day i’ll be courageous enough to write them down too.

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  2. hi Micheal I am grateful to have you as a follower of mine and so I reciprocate. I enjoyed reading your screen play. It hit home with me when you began to speak about the father abusing Sam I too was beat with a large leather belt for silly things such as touching the t.v. It hit home with me as I empathized with Sam and his plight. I see your style is a bit different from the usual writing dialogue but it catches my interest and kept me engaged

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