The Last Plane By: Michael Bryan

The Last Plane

By: Michael Bryan

Bullets sound from a distance,

My Mom, Father, Brothers, and Sisters; quietly listen.

The horrors of the past,

have found there way back,

to make up for what was lost,

for them,

cause everlasting harm,

to the one’s who betrayed their standards,

the mighty demon,

not God.

The Last U.S. Military Plane Has Left Kabul. What's Next for Americans, Afghans  Left Behind? - Defense One

Bulllets ring closer in distance,

My Mom, Father, Brothers, and Sisters; quietly whisper.

All frightened,

knowing the rage coming our way.

My entire family,

will individually be dismembered.

In front of me,

because of my loyalty to what’s right,

and not the cruel disregard, for human life.

Photos: America's longest war ends as last U.S. troops leave Afghanistan -  Los Angeles Times

Bullets echo in the air above.

My Mom, Father, Brothers, and Sisters; quietly waver.

I close my eyes for a second,

a plane sounds; it’s the last plane out.

Defeat covers my Father’s eyes,

my Mother holds my baby sister, as the others sit closely at her feet,

holding onto each other tight.

This isn’t right,

I just wanted my family to have common, human rights.

Bullets echo loudly outside the house; men, women, and children screaming, profoundly.

I tell my Mom, Father, Brothers, and Sisters; I’m sorry.

My Father steps towards me,

stands tall before me,

“The evils of the world can’t keep us from the beauty..”

My Mom wipes her tear drops away,

she walks over towards me,

“for the beauty of life, is something no monster can take from you…”

My Brothers and Sisters run over towards me,

each hugging on to me,

“We love you, brother.”

Bullets burst through the walls around us,

we fall to the floor,

I hold onto my brothers and sisters; Mom and Dad stand proudly.

Before I close my eyes,

one final time,

I have to do what’s right; one last time.

I stand up, ready to fight,

the last plane sounds over again.

Screaming and shouting kicks through the door.

I can’t see a thing,

I fade.

Fade into a daze,

I start to wake,

opening my eyes,

I see my Mom, Fathers, Brothers, and Sisters; on the last plane,

without me.

US Air Force plane carries over 600 people out of Kabul Afghanistan

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