“Coldness” (short scary story)

I’ve lost track of time. The day. The week. The month. The year. The hours. The minutes. The seconds. (CLOCK SFX) I have no idea if it’s night; no clue if it’s day. I sleep in short intervals; however when I wake, there’s always uncooked noodles sitting next to my leg. I try to stay awake just in case I can see a face. Uncertain. Confused. Unsure what to do. The feeling, freedom, completely lost in the coldness.

(loud rumbling thuds)

What that is above, is what holds my fate of getting out of this room. I’ve never seen a face. I’ve never heard a voice. I’ve never even been acknowledge I exist in here, other than the food. How did this happen to me? What did I do?

(Two knocks on the door)

The door opens, light shines into my eyes like aliens coming down from the sky. I stand up, and walk to the door, “Hello?”

(drips of water)

I approach the door (water gets louder), I walk through it. The light continues to shine, I cover my eyes. Still un able to see; the door slams behind me. I stumble down the hallway, looking down only at my feet as I proceed. The floor changes from gravel, to lava, to sand, to muddy land.

Stuck in the mud, I lunge forward towards the light; landing in a sewer hole of mice (SFX). With mice biting my hands, arms, and feet I run as fast as I can into the darkness, knocking mice from my neck, arms, and waste band. I burst through a door, full of mirrors of my reflection. All I see is blood stains in my clothes, cuts on my face, arms, and legs. I drop down to my knees.

I breathe heavily, I cry profusely. I place my head to the ground, (a little girl’s voice hums). I raise my head, I no longer see my reflection in the mirror. (Voice stops humming) The light’s flicker as the room begins to move. (shaking sound SFX). The mirrors shake (glass rumbling), I look around, not seeing an exit. (humming SFX) The hairs on my neck stand tall; I turn around. It’s my reflection in the mirror. (humming stops). I look closer into my reflection, placing my hand into the mirror (the glass shatters) as I fall.

I wake up from a daze. I rub my eyes, taking a minute for them to adjust site. I’m wearing a black suit, laying in a confined space. I push up (open door SFX) I sit up,

(Piano music/SFX) I see my family, friends, and every person I’ve ever met in my life sitting in front of me. I stand up, a woman screams, running from the room in distress. I walk over to my mom, she’s wearing all black, “Mom why are you crying? I’m alive.” Mom looks over at my Dad, grabbing his hand tight, “He was too young to commit suic…” The room turns cold, as rain pours down. I’m lost in befuddled in the constant storm raining down.

(Loud knock)

The storm stops. (SFX door creeks open) A little girl walks through the door (humming) she walks down the aisle towards me, stopping in front of me. I can’t see her face, I look closer, and closer, and closer; completely dazed.

I fall to my knees, the girl leans into me, “this is not a dream.”

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